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Talent Agency for On-Chain Trading & DeFi Protocols

Building Teams in Algorithmic Trading & Blockchain Engineering

Our mission is to build the workforce at the intersection of web3 and digital assets.

We partner with Builders and connect them with Founders who are aligned with their strengths and interests.

A consultative approach to hiring and exploring the job markets

We share insights, provide feedback, and use our network as a resource for support.

Crypto Skills

Where can I apply my web2 / TradFi skills in crypto? On our initial call, a Talent Partner will help you understand how to make the switch.

Market Value

Want to have an exploratory call with one of our clients to see what it’s like in the market? Send us a message – we can make it happen.

Crypto-Native Technologies

Passionate about DeFi, not sure where to start learning? We can point you in the right direction.

Hiring Plan

We’ll give you a snapshot of what’s available on the job market, and trends that we’ve seen in the space. Then, we can help you build a roadmap to get your team in place without spinning your wheels.

We Value Community and Respect

Community is the ethos of crypto. We show respect to everyone who is already here contributing, and those who are interested in crossing over. In our Discord, we have created a network of people-helping-people shape and develop their careers in the space.

Client Verticals

Crypto Trading

DeFi Protocols



Our candidates are all experts in one or more of these skills

Clients We’re Building With

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