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Dan Eskow

Founder | Talent Partner

Dan has been recruiting for about 10 years; most recently placing quants at HFT’s and Prop Trading Firms. In 2021, he noticed the increased demand for talent in digital assets, along with peaked interest in the space from his top candidates, so he launched Up Top to help bridge the gap.

Mike Mullen

Controller | Talent Partner

Mike has a background in business strategy and operations in the non-profit space. He functions as the controller, and is building a network of talent around VR/AR technologies, and NFT startups.

Marty Austria

Recruiting Director | Talent Partner

Marty brings a depth of technical knowledge that serves as the foundation to our recruiting strategies. He has also been instrumental in building partnerships with the top student blockchain organizations for our ComeUp intern program

Will Burleson

Head of Growth

Will is uniquely tasked with building a presence, community, and talent funnel for Up Top in the crypto-native channels such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter and Reddit. He also manages a team of mods, and relationships with candidates that come from these sources.

Remixing the Recruiting Process

A consultative approach to hiring. 

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